Bandscan Prague (in English)

- So... which floor are we gonna be living? 
I asked our host when the three of us were going to a rented flat. 
- Last one (like: top floor), she replied.  
My eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, whereas my friend was struck with terror. She knows now that the coming nights will be sleepless becuse of my DXing - scanning and sneaking. 
Twelfth floor in one of the most highly situated suburbs od Czech capital - nomen omen: Haje (pronunced "hayeh") indeed resulted with the richest bandscan ever compiled of all my trips, but nonetheless Prague's level zero also provides a bunch of strong signals from outside the city.

According to some official listings, there are 27 stations broadcasting on FM in Prague.
The city is served by multiple transmitting locations, and it is hard to determine which might be the main. Each location has equally strong pros and cons to be or not to be one. Here are they:

Petrin - an outlook tower, tinyer "Eiffel Tower" on Mala Strana side. It is the oldest tranmsitting site, nowdays only used by Evropa-2 (most popular Czech pop station), Second Channel of Czech Public Radio and by French language station, RFI. Since couple of decades, there are no TV transmisssions from here.

Cukrak - gigantic concrete tower, just outside southern Prague, provides high powers and great coverage. Although during communist era it held complete service from CzR, today only one regional station transmits from here (on 100,7). Cukrak is primer transmitter for Greater Prague area.

Zizkov - (pic on the right) - built in 1992r.,distinctive tower in the centre of the city is today main source of digital tv for its inhabitants. Technically, its only frequency booster of Cukrak and Mezivrata transmitters. Among radio stations, Cesky Rozhlas RadioŻurnal and Vltava broadcast from Zizkov, there are also 3 commercial stations.

Votice-Mezivrata - Radio and television broadcasting centre provides dwo main channels of public radio and two commercial ones. Complete set of digital tv multiplexes transmits on synchronised frequencies along with Zizkov and Cukrak. Mezivrata is easily received in Prague, but 50km distance makes less realiable in operation compared to city-based transmitters.
Rosickeho Stadium in Strachov - a popular antenna location for smaller, commercial radiostations to which broadcasting from other objects is too costly. Their antennas are attached to the reflectors above the statium.

There are also couple of other sites which carry single frequencies each. "Ladvi" additionally carries DVB-T, digital tv gap filler.

If a bandscan for Prague was only to include local transmitters it would look much like this:

87.8 v Rádio Blaník - Praha/Malešice chimney  1,00 kW
88.2 c Evropa 2 - Praha/Petřín  5,00 kW
89.0 v Dance Radio - Praha/ÚTB Olšanská  0,16 kW
89.3 v Radio Sázava - Benešov/Lbosín-outlook tower Březák  5,00 kW
89.5 v Country Radio - Praha/ul. Vinohradská 2396/184 - Stimbuilding  5,00 kW
90.3 v Expres FM - Praha/stadion Rošického II  5,00 kW
90.7 v Color Music Radio - Praha/stadion Rošického I  0,10 kW
91.2 c ČRo Dvojka - Praha/Petřín  2,50 kW
91.9 v Radio 1 - Praha/stadion Rošického I  5,00 kW
92.3 v Radio Relax - Kladno/Kožova hora  1,00 kW
92.6 h ČRo Plus - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
93.1 h ČRo Radiožurnál - Votice/Mezivrata 94,00 kW
93.7 h Radio City 93,7 FM - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
94.1 v Fajn Radio - Praha/Michle - ul. Chodovská (PR)  0,05 kW
94.6 h ČRo Radiožurnál - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
95.0 h Rádio Blaník - Votice/Mezivrata - 94,00 kW
95.3 v Radio Beat - Praha/ul. Vinohradská 2396/184 - Stimbuilding  2,50 kW
95.7 v Signál Radio - Praha/Pankrác - Motokov  2,00 kW
96.2 v Spin Radio 96.2 - Praha/Bohnice-ul. Olštýnská 1  1,00 kW
96.6 h Radio Impuls - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
97.2 v Fajn Radio - Praha/Ládví - věž  5,00 kW
97.7 h Kiss Jižní Čechy - Votice/Mezivrata  50,00 kW
98.1 v Kiss 98 FM - Praha/stadion Rošického II  2,00 kW
98.7 v Classic Praha - Praha/Pankrác - Motokov  5,00 kW
99.3 c Radio France Internationale - Praha/Petřín  1,00 kW
99.7 c Rádio Bonton - Praha/Zelený pruh  5,00 kW
100.7 v ČRo Region - Praha/Cukrák  50,00 kW
101.1 v Rádio ZET (/BBC) - Praha/stadion Rošického II  3,00 kW
102.5 h Frekvence 1 (Stredni Cechy) - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
102.9 v Dance Radio - Praha/Jinonice-ul. Na Vidouli 9  0,10 kW
103.2 h ČRo Dvojka - Votice/Mezivrata - 94,00 kW
103.7 v Oldies Radio - Praha/stadion Rošického II  1,00 kW
105.0 h ČRo Vltava - Praha/Mahlerovy sady  5,00 kW
105.5 h Evropa 2 - Votice/Mezivrata 94,00 kW
105.9 v Rock Zone 105,9 - Praha/Bohnice-ul. Hnězdenská 14  0,50 kW
107.9 v Rádio Dálnice - Praha/ul. Hvožďanská 1  0,05 kW

But the truth is, in Prague not only the local tranmsitters provide high signals.

Due to country's terrain relief, in Czech capital it is possible to receive strong signals from remote broadcasting centres situated as far as even 100kms. For example hiking along Vltava River bank (Masarykovo Nabrezi) with my portable mp3player (and FM radio ofc) I was able to listen to Radio Sever from Ust nad Labem (74km) with almost local-level signal!

With this in mind it might seem hard to understand why Czech public radio - Cesky Rozhlas, has split its stations to 3 separate broadcasting facilities in Prague and none of those carries the complete set of CRo stations on FM. Well, Prague is quite hilly place too.
The abundance of many broadcasting sites in the city has also negative side effects: there could have been more DX if not the spurious signals and intermodulations. Planning your visit, staying and radio DXing, it is more beneficial to pick one of peripheral boroughs of Prague. The neighbourhood of last underground stations (of tube, if you like) seem to be the best trade-off for both connection with main sightseeing attractions and radio DXing.
Czech Republic physical map - note Prague surrounded with mountains
Borough "Haje", with its high elevations and metro station was my pick. Although it is situated in southeast Prague - still, northern (ie. Cottbus) and western (Bavaria) directions were coming in best! More distant DX reception would be possible, i think, if not the mountains - Sudety in the north, Krusne Hory (Erzgebirge/Rudawy) in nortwestern and Sumava southwestern directions.
From the other side, closely located Ceskomoravska Vrchovina (Bohemian-Moravian Highlands), efficiently blocked out the eastern signals - especially Brno and Ostrava. Single exception - RDS reception of Jesenik transmitter (almost 200kms east), was only posssible due to the excellent broadcasting site.

I picked many signals inside the flat, but the real advantages of such high floor I unintentionally discovered in the middle of our week-long stay (the reception inside was already heavenly, I didn't expect anything better, thinking it is finest). It all started with noticing a German station DLF on 97,0MHz. I started moving around with the antenna (double telescopic dipole) to improve the reception. It made me relocate to the balcony, where the signal rose to 2/3 bars and even RDS PS popped up. Not to mention all other signals improved significantly and new ones showed up.
Among them - Wendelstein in German Alpes, with 318km, my furthest DX in Prague. For the first part of that night Wendelstein was coming in via scatter, but was a regular tropospheric throughout the second part of the night.
German MDR 1 R.Sachsen with RDS in Prague!
Here are my top results in pwr/DX/RDS cathegory:
Jesenik (104,3 RDS; 20kW @ 193km),  
Chemnitz (92,8 i 97,0 RDS - 100kW @135km),
among low-powers:
Jachymov (103,4 RDS - 0,8kW @118km)
and Vrchlabi (106,4 RDS - 0,5kW @102km) - the latter is a nice achievement: low power DX station with RDS over a high power station in the same distance (Ceske Budziejovice).

From my homeland country, Poland I picked many stations too. I will spare the details for Polish version of this post, and mention only one case - Kudowa Zdrój (98,0 R.Wrocław) - a repeater transmitter for one valley in Polish Sudetes Mtns, which can't be received elsewhere in Poland. How shocking it is to receive it in Prague, 131km away with nice o=4 signal!
But the point I would like to make here is that the general signal level of Polish stations in Prague was mediocre at best in my privileged premises. So my conclusion is that Polish stations don't spill much signal over the border as it is vice-versa, my dear Czech friends. The reception of CZ-stations even 100+kms from their transmitters even on simple radio is notorious in Poland.

One special characteristic made identification of PL stations in Prague simple - a relatively increased "loudness" compared to our southern counterparts. Although recently, in June 2015, it was decresed by a new law (more on that) from 6dBr to 3dBr MPX power, apparently it is still too distinctive compared to Czech stations (who, like Germans, broadcast now with 0dBr parameter).
But that not always the case. Some time ago Czech stations were I guess one of the loudest in Europe, surpassing even Polish at that time. I remember, when scanning in Berlin in 2012, the extreme loudness of CZ-stations was their giveaway (reavealing). The thought of how this crowded band of Prague must have been sounding like before the loudness reduction, simply petrifies me:)

There was no way to identify all received locations while the stay in Prague (i didn't take my computer), but noting down station names brought me to some conclusions. Like: some of my "DX" were actually not distant stations but... cable ouleaks!
Radio Wave on 102,2 MHz FM was the first sign of such reception. How did I know? Well, it's simple - Radio Wave, the alternative station from Cesky Rozhlas, does not broadcast on FM since couple of years. It remains available on the Internet, DAB, satellite and... cable.
Already knowing that at least couple of my DX picks derive from inside the building I was staying in, it was surprising stumbling upon Polish Radio External Service in English,k, whose programming was followed by KBS English (Korea) on 105,3.
This listing was helpful in filtering cable outleaks from the DX and showed me that cable spills are observed in many places in Prague, not only by UPC subscribers. I received almost all cable frequencies ending with multiplicity of 0,1MHz from that listing. Similarly to Germans, Czech cable providers locate some stations on frequencies with 0,05 MHz raster (like 90,95) - to avoid collision with airwaves (they can penetrate the cable too). For my XDR tuner receiving 0,05 frequencies is impossible, but it was no problem, as cable DX wasn't my desire:)
As I mentioned, the leaking cable is now the only way to pick Radio Wave, which in my opinion is a good station, on FM. Apart from Radio Wave, the cable has no advantages over FM from the airwaves. Seeing how many stations from Prague it is possible to receive on even simple radio makes cable pointless.

OK, and now The Prague Bandscan!
As I stated in the intro, this is the richest bandscan ever made during my trips, it even surpasses Rome with its crowded local air.

Let's start with a compilation of RDS PS photos of station received in Prague (local & DX):

(Only one LOCAL stn is missing: 94,1  __FAJN__ (got PS from anoher LOC transmitter on 97,2),
missing RDS-DX (50-100km): 94,7  _BONTON_; 99,0  R-REGION; 99,9  CRYSTAL_;
100,1 R-DVOJKA; 100,4 R-REGION; 100,5 R-REGION; 103,1 R-SEVER_; 104,7 R-PCE___; 106,0 _IMPULS_; 106,6 __FAJN__ )

FM Radio bandscan from Prague, the capital of Czech Republic
compiled: 2015, August 20-25th, late night hours
tuner: Sony XDR-F1HD
antenna: 2-telescopic dipole "rabbit ears"

MHz name o=? tx DX comments
87,5 pirate? 3+ 80s mx, karaoke bar?
Sun/Mon >3h00!
87,6 CR Dvojka 5+ Melnik, 0,2kW 35km
87,6 Hitradio FM+ 4/5 Pribram, 0,4kW 53km
87,7 Country 4+ Kutna Hora, 0,2kW 54km
87,7 MDR Figaro 5 Chemnitz, 100kW 135km GERMANY
87,8 Blanik 6 RDS Praha, 1kW 5km
87,9 CR Region 5 Jihlava, 10kW 91km
88,0 Evropa 2 5 RDS Teplice, 0,5kW 89km
88,1 Evropa 2 5 Liberec, 1kW 84km
88,2 Evropa 2 6 RDS Praha-Petrin, 1kW 10km
88,3 BR Klassik 5 Hoher Bogen, 5kW 147km GERMANY
88,4 Evropa 2 3+ kabel UPC Praha

88,4 CR Dvojka 4 Beroun, 0,2kW 31km
88,5 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Trutnov, 20kW 110km
88,6 CR Vltava 5 Klatovy, 10kW 116km
88,7 Proglas 3/4- Tabor, 1kW 70km
88,7 alternative, unid 2 R.Hana Rock?
txs 157 or 170km
88,8 CR Sever 6 RDS Usti nad Labem, 100kW 74km
88,9 Country 5 kabel UPC Praha

88,9 Maryja 4 Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND
89,0 Dance 6 RDS Praha, 0,16kW 7km
89,1 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 Plzen, 100kW 104km no RDS bcs ^
89,2 Signal 4/5- Mnichovo Hradiste, 0,1kW 66km CZ talks, tent.
89,2 PR3 3 Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
89,3 Sazava 6 RDS Benesov, 5kW 34km
89,4 Zet 3/4- Lubań, 60kW 133km POLAND
89,5 Country 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 7km
89,6 Frekvence1 4- Plzen, 1kW 89km tent. (Beatles)
89,6 Bayern2 2+ Bamberg, 25kW 249km
89,7 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
89,8 Express FM 4 kabel UPC Praha

89,8 BBC WS (Zet) 1 Ceske Budejovice, 1kW 124km CZ talks
89,8 MDR Jump 4-/5 Chemnitz, 100kW 135km GERMANY
89,9 CR Dvojka 6 RDS Liberec, 15kW 85km
90,0 Kiss Proton 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km
90,1 MDR Jump 3/5- Dresden, 100kW 122km GERMANY
90,2 Kiss Delta 4 Kutna Hora, 1kW 54km
90,3 Express FM 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 12km
90,4 Hitradio Crystal 3 Varnsdorf, 0,2kW 92km
90,5 CR Hradec Kralove 6 RDS Trutnov, 20kW 110km
90,6 Hitradio FM 3/5- Chomutov, 4kW 95km
90,6 Czwórka 3 Świeradów Zdrój, 1kW 110km POLAND
90,6 CR1 Radiozurnal 1/3 Susice, 0,8kW 116km
90,7 Color Music Radio 6 RDS Praha, 0,1kW 12km
90,7 CR1 Radiozurnal 4 Jihlava, 20kW 107km when carr on Color

90,9 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Usti nad Labem, 100kW 74km
91,0 CR Plzen 3/4+ Plzen, 1kW 89km
91,0 Radio1 2 kabel UPC Praha
91,1 CR1 Radiozurnal 5 Ceske Budejovice, 100kW 131km
91,1 Kiss Delta 4 Pardubice, 1kW 88km
91,2 CR Dvojka 6 RDS Praha, 2,4kW 11km
91,3 CR1 Radiozurnal 4 Jesenik, 20kW 193km
91,4 Impuls 6 RDS Plzen, 65kW 104km
91,5 PR3 5 Lubań, 60kW 133km POLAND
91,5 R.Niederosterreich 4 Sankt Polten, 100kW 197km AUSTRIA
91,6 Blanik 4 Decin, 1kW 90km
91,6 Fajn 3 Pardubice, 5kW 91km
91,6 Bayern2 5 Hoher Bogen, 50kW 146km GERMANY
91,7 Bonton 4/5 Benesov, 0,2kW 32km
91,7 Hitradio FM 3/4 Melnik, 0,2kW 35km
91,8 Fajn
Rakovnik, 0,15kW 58km
91,8 RockRadio
Plzen, 0,2kW 88km
91,8 MDR Jump 4++ Lobau, 5kW 119km GERMANY
91,9 radio1 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 12km
92,0 Fajn 2/3 Most, 0,2kW 82km //91,8
92,1 Impuls 6 RDS Trutnov, 20kW 110km
92,2 Country 4 Pribram, 0,2kW 56km
92,2 MDR1 Sachsen 2-3/4+ Dresden, 100kW 122km GERMANY
92,3 Relax 6 RDS Kladno, 1kW 32km
92,4 Hitradio FM+ 5 Sedlec-Prcice, 0,5kW 54km
92,5 PR1 3+ Jelenia Góra, 10kW 111km POLAND
92,5 RockRadio
Kutna Hora, 0,1kW 53km
92,6 Regina 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 8km
92,7 Country 3-4 Krivsoudov, 0,1kW 60km
92,8 MDR1 Sachsen 4/5RDS Chemnitz, 100kW 135km NIEMCY
92,8 Hitradio Magic 4 Nachod, 1kW 125km
92,9 Kiss Delta 5 RDS Mlada Boleslav, 1kW 49km
93,0 Beat 3- Most, 0,4kW 84km gothic rock
93,0 Bayern2 2 Hohe Linie, 25kW 203km GERMANY
93,1 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Votice, 100kW 49km
93,2 PR2 5- Świeradów Zdrój, 10kW 110km POLAND
93,3 CR Vltava 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km
93,3 Proglas 3 Jesenik, 20kW 193km with Vltava nulled
93,4 Frekvence1 5 Jihlava, 20kW 107km
93,5 Frekvence1 6 RDS Usti nad Labem, 100kW 74km
93,6 Zet 1-2 Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND, CHR - tent.
93,7 City 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 8km
93,8 RMF FM 3+/5 Lubań, 60kW 133km POLAND
93,9 Blanik 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
94,0 Impuls 4/5 Klatovy, 10kW 116km
94,0 PR3 4/5- Jelenia Góra, 10kW 111km POLAND
94,1 Frekvence1 5 RDS Ceske Budejovice, 100kW 131km
94,1 Fajn 6 RDS Praha, 0,05kW 5km
94,2 CR Dvojka 5 RDS Chomutov, 10kW 95km
94,3 Vysocina 5 Jihlava, 5kW 91km
94,4 Bayern3 3/4/5 Brotjackriegel, 100kW 165km GERMANY
94,5 unid 2- 3 poss. tx 74-114km
CZ & foreign oldies
94,6 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 8km
94,7 Country 3 Ceske Budejovice, 0,2kW 117km
94,7 Hitradio Magic 4- Rychnov n.Kneznou, 0,2 130km
94,7 Bayern3 1/5- Hoher Bogen, 50kW 146km GERMANY
94,8 Bonton 5 RDS Mlada Boleslav, 0,2kW 54km
94,9 PLUS 3+ Jelenia Góra, 5kW 137km
95,0 Blanik 6 RDS Votice, 100kW 49km
95,1 Hitradio Magic 5 Dvur Kralove, 0,1kW 95km
95,2 RockRadio 4- Klatovy, 1kW 116km
95,2 R.Oberosterreich 2 Linz, 100kW 184km AUSTRIA
95,3 Beat 6 RDS Praha, 2,5kW 7km
95,4 CR Vltava 4 Jihlava, 20kW 107km
95,5 Country 5 RDS Liberec, 0,2kW 83km
95,6 CR Vltava 6 Plzen, 81kW 104km
95,7 Signal 6 RDS Praha, 2kW 7km
95,8 RockRadio 2 Benesov, 0,05kW 30km +GER talks?
95,8 Hitradio FM 3/4 Most, 0,5kW 84km
95,9 CR1 Radiozurnal 6 RDS Liberec, 20kW 85km
96,0 Proglas 5 RDS Pribram, 0,4kW 52km
96,0 Wrocław 3+ Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
96,1 CR Vltava 5 Ceske Budejovice, 40kW 123km
96,2 Spin 96,2 6 RDS Praha, 1kW 13km
96,3 CR Vltava 5 Chomutov, 10kW 95km
96,4 Impuls 3-4 Pribram, 0,2kW 56km
96,4 Frekvence1 3 Liberec, 1kW 92km tent.
96,5 Bayern2 5 Brotjackriegel, 100kW 165km GERMANY
96,6 Impuls 6 RDS Praha, 5kw 8km
96,7 BBC WS (Zet)
Jihlava, 5kW 91km
96,7 Wrocław 5 Jelenia Góra, 10kW 111km POLAND
96,8 Hitradio FM 2 Louny, 0,2kW 65km
96,8 Bayern1 4= Hoher Bogen, 50kW 146km GER., „SR1 Saar.”
96,9 CR D-Dur 3+ kabel UPC Praha

96,9 Bonton 3/4 Ceska Lipa, 0,3kW 75km -3dBr!
96,9 Beat 3+/5 RDS Benesov, 0,2kW 32km
97,0 DLF 4/5RDS Chemnitz, 100kW 135km GERMANY
97,0 Osterreich1 5 Sankt Polten, 100kW 197km AUSTRIA
97,1 Country 3+ Liberec, 0,5kW 92km
97,2 Fajn 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 13km
97,3 DLF 3/1/4 Dresden, 100kW 122km GERMANY
97,4 Frekvence1 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
97,5 Sazava 5 Jablonec nad Nisou, 0,1kW 89km no Beroun
97,6 PR1 2/5 Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
97,6 CR1 Radiozurnal 1+ Marianske Lazne, 1kW 145km
97,7 Kiss JC 6 RDS Votice, 100kW 49km

97,9 Proglas 6 RDS Liberec, 20kW 85km
98,0 CR1 Radiozurnal 3/5- Domazlice, 10kW 140km
98,0 Wrocław 4= Kudowa Zdrój, 0,1kW 131km POLAND
98,1 Kiss98 6 RDS Praha, 2kW 12km
98,2 MDR1 Sachsen 3+ Lobau, 5kW 119km GERMANY
98,2 CR Vltava 3 Jesenik, 20kW 193km
98,3 Fajn 5 Litomerice, 0,5kW 64km
98,4 Frekvence1 6 RDS Trutnov, 10kW 110km
98,5 CR Sever 3 Varnsdorf, 0,2kW 92km
98,5 Bayern3 3+ Wendelstein 318km GERMANY
98,6 CR Region 1-2 Usti nad Orlici, 1kW 132km CR Sever?//98,6
98,6 Antenne Brandenbg 2 Cottbus, 100kW 195km GERMANY, tent.
98,7 Classic 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 7km
98,8 FM4 2/5- Sankt Polten, 100kW 197km AUSTRIA, tent.
98,8 PR1 1+ Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND
98,9 CR1 Radiozurnal 5 RDS Chomutov, 10kW 95km
99,0 CR Region 5 RDS Benesov, 1kW 31km
99,0 PR1 3 Lubań, 10kW 133km POLAND
99,1 Gama R. 3 Ceska Lipa, 0,3kW 74km rock, tent.
99,1 BBC WS (Zet) 4/2 Pardubice, 2,2kW 91km
99,2 CR1 Radiozurnal 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km
99,2 BBC WS (Zet) 4 Liberec, 1kW 90km
99,3 RFI 6 RDS Praha, 1kW 12km faulty audio
99,4 Bayern3 2++/4 Ochsenkopf, 100kW 194km GERMANY
99,5 Hitradio Crystal 5 RDS Litomerice, 0,5kW 64km
99,5 DLF 3+/4 Lobau, 5kW 119km GERMANY
99,5 RFI 3 kabel UPC Praha

99,5 Evropa 2 2 Pardubice, 1kW 91km
99,6 Hitradio Crystal
Zelezny Brod, 0,1kW 85km
99,6 Impuls
Benesov, 0,2kW 29km
99,7 Bonton 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 7km
99,8 CR1 Radiozurnal 2- Klatovy, 10kW 109km
99,9 Hitradio Crystal 6 RDS Ceska Lipa, 1kW 75km
100,0 CR Region
Pribram, 1kW 52km
100,0 PSR 3+ Chemnitz, 100kW 135km GERMANY
100,1 CR Dvojka 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
100,2 Hitradio FM+ 3 Beroun, 0,4kW 31km
100,2 PR3 2 Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND
100,3 CR Region 5 RDS Mlada Boleslav, 0,5kW 49km
100,3 Impuls 3+ Jihlava, 10kW 107km
100,4 CR Region 5 RDS Rakovnik, 1kW 55km
100,4 RockZone105,9 4 kabel UPC Praha

100,5 CR Region 5 RDS Kutna Hora, 3kW 48km
100,5 CR Region 4 Kladno, 0,2kW 33km 2tx!
100,6 music, unid
3 lo power txs 83-114km

100,7 CR Region 6 RDS Cukrak, 50kW 16km
100,8 RMF FM 3- Jelenia Góra, 10kW 111km POLAND
100,9 Impuls 5- Jesenik, 20kW 193km
100,9 BR Klassik
Brotjackriegel, 100kW 165km GERMANY
101,0 PSR 4/5 Lobau, 30kW 119km GERMANY
101,0 CR Pardubice 3+/4 Pardubice, 1kW 88km
101,1 BBC WS (Zet) 6 RDS Praha, 3kW 12km

101,3 Evropa 2 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km
101,4 Contact 6 RDS Liberec, 20kW 85km
101,5 Impuls 4-/5 Beroun, 0,2kW 35km
101,6 Beat 4- Krivsoudov, 0,5kW 60km
101,6 RMF FM 3/4 Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
101,6 CR Plus 3 kabel UPC Praha

101,7 CR Dvojka 6 RDS Plzen, 81kW 104km
101,8 Country 4-5 Benesov, 0,2kW 32km or Tabor
101,9 CR Vltava 6 RDS Trutnov, 20kW 110km
102,0 Impuls 6 RDS Usti nad Labem, 100kW 74km

102,2 CR R.Wave 4 kabel UPC Praha

102,2 CR Dvojka 3/5 Kutna Hora, 1kW 48km
102,2 CR1 Radiozurnal 1-2 Pribram, 0,4kW 58km
102,3 CR Sever 4 Liberec, 1kW 90km
102,3 Wrocław 2- Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND
102,4 PSR 2 Dresden, 100kW 122km GERMANY
102,4 CR Plzen 3+ Klatovy, 10kW 109km
102,5 Frekvence1 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 8km
102,6 unid 1+ Most lub Karlovy Vary 81/119 cz talks?
102,7 CR Vltava 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
102,8 CR Junior 3+/4 kabel UPC Praha
radio play, CZ oldies
102,9 Dance 6 RDS Praha, 0,1kW 13km
103,0 D Kultur 2-/3 Lobau, 2kW 119km GERMANY
103,1 CR Sever 5 RDS Chomutov, 10kW 95km
103,2 CR Dvojka 6 RDS Votice, 100kW 49km
103,3 Country 3 Ceska Lipa, 0,2kW 74km
103,4 CR Plzen 4/5RDS Jachymov, 0,8kW 118km
103,4 Relax 5 Kralupy n/Vltavou, 0,2kW 27km
103,5 RockRadio 4 Mlada Boleslav, 0,2kW 54km
103,5 Antenne Bayern 4 Brotjackriegel, 100kW 165km GERMANY
103,6 Country 4 Chotebor, 1kW 92km
103,6 Wrocław 4 Lubań, 60kW 133km POLAND
103,7 OldiesRadio 6 RDS Praha, 1kw 12km
103,8 Frekvence1 4/5 Klatovy, 10kW 116km
103,8 Zet 4 Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
103,9 CR Vltava 6 RDS Liberec, 20kW 85km
104,0 FM4 4 Linz, 100kW 184km AUSTRIA
104,1 Frekvence1 6 RDS Plzen, 65kW 104km
104,2 carrier?
kabel UPC Praha
Fun1 Station
104,3 Faktor 5 RDS Ceske Budejovice, 30kW 131km
104,3 Frekvence1 5 RDS Jesenik, 20kW 193km RDS DX/over othRDS!
104,4 Country 2-3 Trutnov, 0,2kW 107km
104,4 Kulturradio v RBB 4 Cottbus, 60kW 195km GERMANY
104,4 B5Aktuell 3+ Hoher Bogen, 50kW 146km GERMANY
104,5 CR Vltava 6 RDS Usti nad Labem, 100kW 74km
104,6 Color Music Radio 4 kabel UPC Praha
and carrier
104,7 CR Pardubice 5 RDS Pardubice, 6kW 90km
104,7 Blanik 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km

104,9 Eska 2- Wrocław, 120kW 180km POLAND
104,9 Der Musiksender 3+/4+ Weitra, 3kW 152km AUSTRIA
104,9 Blanik (tent.) 4 Klatovy, 0,1kW 117km CZ pop (Beat Usti?)
105,0 CR Vltava 6 RDS Praha, 5kW 8km

105,2 RTL 2 Dresden, 100kW 122km GERMANY
105,2 CR Vltava 4 Pisek, 1kW 84km
105,3 Cerna Hora 5 RDS Trutnov, 3kW 110km
105,3 Kronehit
Sankt Polten, 100kW 197km AUSTRIA
105,3 WRN English 3+ kabel UPC Praha
KBS Radio, R.Poland
105,4 RTL 1/5 Chemnitz, 100kW 135km GERMANY
105,5 Evropa 2 6 RDS Votice, 100kW 49km
105,6 RTL 5 Lobau, 30kW 119km GERMANY
105,6 Beat 3+ kabel UPC Praha

105,7 Signal 6 RDS Mlada Boleslav, 1kW 49km
105,8 Hitradio FM+ 3+ Klatovy, 10kW 116km
105,8 Muzyczne 2-3 Jelenia Góra, 10kW 139km POLAND
105,9 RockZone105,9 6 RDS Praha, 0,5kW 13km
106,0 Impuls 6 RDS Pardubice, 100kW 90km
106,1 Hitradio FM+ 3 Plzen, 3,2kW 89km
106,2 Frekvence1 5 RDS Benesov, 0,5kW 32km
106,2 Country 4+ Mlada Boleslav, 0,2kW 54km
106,3 Kiss98 3/4 Beroun, 0,1kW 31km +ceska pisnicka o=5?
106,3 Maryja 4 Kłodzko, 10kW 164km POLAND
106,4 Evropa 2 5 RDS Vrchalbi, 0,5kW 102km
106,4 CR C.Budejovice 5 RDS Ceske Budejovice, 80kW 131km
106,5 Blanik 5 RDS Chomutov, 10kW 95km
106,6 Fajn 5 RDS Kutna Hora, 1kW 66km
106,6 CR Dvojka 4 kabel UPC Praha

106,7 CR Plzen 5 RDS Plzen, 10kW 66km
106,7 Muzyczne 4 Świeradów Zdrój, 5kW 111km POLAND
106,8 CR Olomouc 5- Jesenik, 20kW 193km
106,9 CR Dvojka 5- Jicin, 1kW 80km
106,9 B5Aktuell 4+ Brotjackriegel, 100kW 165km GERMANY
107,0 Signal 5 RDS Melnik, 0,016kW 35km
107,0 CR Vltava 3+ Pribram, 1kW 52km
107,1 CR Dvojka
Jihlava, 20kW 91km
107,1 CR1 Radiozurnal 4 kabel UPC Praha

107,1 B5Aktuell 4 max Ochsenkopf, 30kW 194km
107,2 CR Vltava 4-/5 Kasperske Hory, 1kW 118km
107,2 BB Radio 1/4 Cottbus, 100kW 195km GERMANY
107,3 Magic 5 RDS Jicin, 1kW 80km
107,4 Beat 3-4 Pribram, 0,4kW 58km
107,4 gadane de? 1-2 4:00

107,5 Beat 5 RDS Kladno, 0,09kW 34km
107,5 Beat
Kutna Hora, 0,2kW 54km 2tx!
107,6 Lausitz 5 Lobau, 30kW 119km GERMANY
107,6 another Ger? wide 3+

GER. Remda?
107,7 Beat 3+ Beroun, 0,2kW 31km
107,7 unid
R.SA? Fichtelgebirge? DE 121km Voyage, voyage/rock
107,8 Beat 3+ Ceska Lipa, 0,2kW 74km
107,9 Dalnice 6 RDS Praha, 0,05kW 3km
107,9 unid 1 tent Impuls Vlaim 0,03kW 47km talks

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